How to Create a Blog in Six Steps

Whether you want to sell your commercial enterprise, layout a portfolio, or are searching out the proper creative outlet, you may be wondering the way to create a blog. Fortunately, starting a weblog isn’t that complicated.
Here’s how to create a free weblog in just six steps using WordPress.Com.

  1. Choose a topic
    What may be the focal point of your weblog? It’s tempting to tackle multiple subjects immediately; however, it’s probable less difficult to begin with one location you’ve got the maximum expertise or hobby in. You don’t need to weigh down yourself immediately out of the gate.
  2. Create an account
    Go to WordPress.Com and click Get Started. Follow the activates to create your account and new weblog.
    Three. Claim your domain call
    Based on the subject you pick, select a domain that tells readers what your weblog is about. You can either create a loose domain call that includes WordPress.Com in it (instance.Wordpress.Com), or you could sign up a custom domain that doesn’t mention WordPress.Com.
  3. Customize the design
    Choose a WordPress.Com subject that matches the preferred feel of your blog. The WordPress.Com customizer permits you to pick out fonts, specify a colour scheme, create a custom menu, and add a custom header photograph. Don’t worry in case you aren’t settled at the visible components proper away — you may usually alter them later.
  4. Create a few particular content
    To create your first blog put up, head over to the My Sites display. Under Manage and subsequent to Blog Posts, click Add. You’ll be directed to a the submit editor, in which you could start writing and formatting your submit. You’ll be prompted to add a name (amongst other info). Start writing the body of your submit under the toolbar.
  5. Publicize
    After you hit Publish, make certain to sell your weblog posts on social media to percentage your hard work.
    With WordPress.Com, you may begin a weblog in only some hours. Once you discover ways to create a weblog and get into a publishing pattern, you’ll be capable of best your content material until you’re drawing in keen readers every day.

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Blog in Six StepsCreate a Blog in Six StepsHow to Create a BlogHow to Create a Blog in Six Steps

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