Are You Blogging Too Much?

Would you like more information about how to make money blogging?

The big secret out there in blogger land is that there are no secret methods of success, short of just ‘doing it’.

But there’s a lot of advice floating around about how to get it done…

  • You need a template with detailed lists of keywords to keep your content on point and focused, because nobody wants to read your meandering content.
  • You need to have a target and just work around the circles of the target until you get to the center point bullseye with your content and products.

Whichever way you do the deed, the reality matters more that you get started and get it done, than HOW you do it. So, let’s get you started with some steps toward accomplishing your goal of blogging and show you why it really does matter if you’re blogging too much.

And it really does…

So how do you get real results from blogging?

Well, you don’t have to OVER BLOG, and you don’t have to blog at a set time on the first Tuesday of every other month to keep your audience looking back for the next blog post, either. The tricks of the blog-o-sphere are pretty simple:

1 – Blog often enough to keep your audience coming back frequently to see new posts. Once or twice a week should do it for most blogs, others will need more frequent postings, or maybe less often. Adjust your blog per your own followers.

2 – Blog exciting enough content to make them want to come see what you post next. Remember controversy in small doses is a good thing. Occasionally discuss a topic your readers may disagree with, or add in a raging rant of your own.

3 – Blog on topic, but if the topic is too narrow, EXPAND your horizons and offer something of value outside your usual realm. Go an inch wide and a mile deep. Get involved in your blogging process and write what grows your audience.

4 – Blog a variety of length blog posts, so they can have an option of reading the long one, or the short one, while waiting in line at the grocery store – you know they will! I often add in a few blog posts that are just a great quote and a graphic, or picture that makes the day better.

5 – Blog creatively and be yourself. Transparency in this world of secrets means a lot to most people. Be real. Be yourself. Reveal your heart in your blog and watch your audience grow. You’ll be absolutely shocked at the number of people who come back and read, just because they LIKE you.

“You know, I remember watching Morgan Freeman when he did the two Alex Cross movies, and he’s so confident that he’s going to knock the scene dead. And I’m really confident that I can tell a good story now, so I just don’t worry about things.” ~James Patterson

Don’t get hung up on the ‘things’ you write, so much as the story. Write the story. Even when you’re writing an article, you should write the story and give your reader a glimpse of yourself living the story you write, because they want to know your story.

Blog it. Write it. Share it with the world.

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Are You Blogging Too Much?BloggingBlogging Too Much?

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